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The Bengal Electric Ltd has so far executed many projects/works of different disciplines in power, industrial & other sectors as illustrated in its brochure. Some of the projects/works are cited below for ready reference.

Projects/Works Worked as Owner Certificates
Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Ghorasal 210 MW Thermal Power Station Project (6th Unit) Main Contractor BPDB Annexure-1
Transportation of heavy lift equipment of the above 210MW 6th Unit (Chalna/Ctg - Ghorasal) Main Contractor BPDB Annexure-2
Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Baghabari 100MW Gas Turbine Power Plant Project. Subcontractor of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) BPDB Annexure-3
Transportation of heavy lift equipment of the above100MW Gas Turbine Project (Mongla - Baghabari) Subcontractor of BHEL BPDB Annexure-4
Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Siddhirganj 210MW Thermal Power Station Project(1st  Unit-Boiler House & Turbine) Subcontractor of Technopromexport (TPE), Russia BPDB Annexure-5
Civil, Electrical and Mechanical works, C&F and Transportation of Siddhirganj 2x120MW Peaking Power Plant Project(Including dismantling & removal of existing 80MW Thermal Plant) (Ongoing project, nearing completion) Subcontractor of BHEL EGCB Annexure-6
Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works of Ashuganj 90MW Combined Cycle Project Subcontractor of GEC Bangladesh BPDB Annexure-7
Railway Signaling Project -Do- T&T Board Annexure-7
Electrification Work of ZIA International Airport -Do- Civil Aviation Annexure-7
Greater Dhaka Power Distribution Project -Do- DESA Annexure-7
BangladeshRailway Integrated Telecommunication Project -Do- Bangladesh Railway Annexure-7
Transportation of Deep Drilling Rig & Accessories (Ctg/Ashuganj - Bhola)  Consortium member with Bangladesh Oilfield Services Ltd BAPEX Annexure-8
Installation of 1250 KVA Substation Main Contractor BJMC Annexure-9
Construction of Underground Duct Route & Manholes of 30,000 Lines Digital Telephone Project, Chittagong Main Contractor T&T Board Annexure-10


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